Knight’s Castle Bed


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Product Description

Most men can remember playing knights in shining armour as a kid I know I can and how much would you have loved to have had your own castle in your bedroom? This is our boys version of the ever so popular castle beds and as with all the others it can be customised to great extent with the addition of stairs or a slide or bookshelf, desk etc.
As with the others it can be either a bunk or have a play area below.

This children’s kmight’s castle bunk bed has the following features

Storage within the towers
routed brick lines
3d swords
coat of arms on the tower doors
portcullis style double opening doors

minimum dimensions 2m long x 1.2m wide x 2m high

maximum dimensions 2.4m long x 2.3m wide x 2m high

The slide and staircase add ons both add an additional 40cm in width and are 1.5m long for the slide and 1.4m long for the staircase.
As all our items are hand made to order the lead time is around 8 weeks from ordering to delivery.

Delivery and installation is charged at £80 plus 50p per mile to your location from Sheffield. (payable upon delivery)

Top bunk not suitable for children under 6 years of age.

Bottom bunk suitable for children age 3+.


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