We all know somebody who loves the outdoors…

How can you not love the great outdoors? I’m sure your children love kicking leaves about in the autumn and camping out in the wilderness with nothing but the stars to looks at in the evening.

So why not bring these wonderful experiences inside the home and create a space thats ready for camping trips, stories round the fire and sleeping bag cuddles any time of the year.


Creating a bedroom that instills loving memories and an environment that children can feel safe and happy in should be at the forefront of your mind when decorating any bedroom for your kids.

Although you go outdoors crazy and turf the whole bedroom floor, it is easy to incorporate a few features that make the whole room feel more equipped for any young explorer.


Adding the correct wall vinyls and wallpaper can change the mood of a bedroom drastically and can be done fairly inexpensively if you looks in the right places online. 


It’s the small things…

Even if the room isn’t camping themed it should definitely have a den, every child loves a den. These lovely Teepee’s will do the job amazingly well by fitting in with the outdoorsy look and the fact that these can be made fairly easily with a small number of materials. 


The small touches such as animal skin rugs, picnic tables and fake fire pits also make a large difference in this kind of bedroom because of the fact that some of these items would not usually be considered as bedroom decorating materials.

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The Perfect Fit…

We could make any bed you like to fit in with whatever cool design you come up with for your latest children’s bedroom but here are a couple of suggestions that would fit in perfectly with this camping theme we have going on.


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