Design Inspiration can be found anywhere...

Here at Dreamcraft Furniture we are always looking for inspiration that can help us create the next magical bed design, unique piece of storage or any custom themed item of bedroom furniture that might be the latest product to start it's handmade design process in our workshops. 

Inspiration can be found in many sources, theres the usual techniques that you can do to give you the creative design instinct we all desire. 


Internet Surfing

Catalogue Browsing

Furniture Scouting

Let your creative side free!

But to make the most of your creative interior artistry, you can embrace the world around you, and let it give you little stimulating hints that you can take into the next project you have planned for your home or wherever it may be. 

As the interior design industry gives us it's next "must have" style or trend, they can serve as great resource to get the juices flowing, but why not think about the things you think would look super stylish within your home, we are all creative in some way! 

Keep it simple...

If you feel you would like to give your home or bedroom a few extra tweaks to make it a little more personalised to you and your family but you have no idea where to even start, keeping it simple is the best way to approach it. 

Here are a few images that will help enthuse anybody with even a minuscule amount of interest in interior design.


Adding a solid lick of paint to any piece of furniture would improve it it my eyes, especially if it's best days are behind it. Adding colour for contrast or to coordinate with your existing furniture is entirely up to you. 

These unique door handles can create a rustic effect, the differing design of the door knobs really make it stand out against any normal coat or clothes rack. This could even be used for hanging jewellery or anything you would care to hang. 


Adding colour to what once was a drab looking cushion can bring anything into the 21st century, buttons are a great way to accessorise anything really.

Black and white photo wall that not only looks great, but will remind you of your most treasured memories every time you waltz by.


A cost effective way to turn an oversized jam jar into a glowing beacon of loveliness that would look amazing in any room. 

If yours stairs have carpet on them, take it off, because this looks amazing! Even just adding two colours would spruce up your stairs. 

Making your house a home!

As you can see, simple ideas can give big impact and can change the way a room, bedroom or house feels. None of these projects would be unattainable to the so called "inexperienced" DIYer, sometimes its just finding the time which can be the hard part.

If you ever feel like you've not got the interior inventiveness to make your house a home, you are wrong, and Dreamcraft are always here to give you a little push and encouragement in the right direction! 



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