Inspire your desire, for interior design…

August 1, 2016By adminUncategorized

Design Inspiration can be found anywhere… Here at Dreamcraft Furniture we are always looking for inspiration that can help us create the next magical bed design, unique piece of storage or any custom themed item of bedroom furniture that might be the latest product to start it’s handmade design process in our workshops.  Inspiration can … Read More

Meet the Dreamcraft team!

May 18, 2016By adminUncategorized

Meet the Dreamcraft Team! It’s time you met the wonderful people who are in charge of creating and making the magical furniture you may find at your doorstep one day.  We have a small but efficient, family run, creative team who all enjoy contributing towards our final product that you may see in our showroom … Read More

Your carriage awaits

January 13, 2016By adminUncategorized

This week I am going to showcase our Princess Carriage beds as they seem to be ever increasingly popular. When I was first asked to design a carriage bed I looked around at what other types were available and was surprised at how flimsy they all looked, I knew I could design something much more … Read More